Version 0.13 – Major Update!

After more than four months, it is finally there: Update 0.13!

I’m happy to tell you that the long wait has not been for nothing. This is the biggest update yet!

Without further ado, have a look at the change log, and be sure to give this version a spin. Enjoy!


Change Log

The visible

  • New ship designs!
  • Emp
  • Environment ship capture
  • Chat
  • Increased ship speeds
  • Event hud
  • No more buildqueue (simplyfied the base hud)
  • Multiple waypoints
  • Waypoint visualisation
  • Base waypoints
  • Group visualisation
  • Players visible
  • Ingame tips
  • Enemy health bars are visible when you hit them
  • Own health bars are only visible when ships are damaged

The less visible

  • Game loads on startup (no more loading before matches)
  • Increased frame rate
  • Improved formation forming

The invisible

  • Performance improvements
  • Menu improvements
  • Network game improvements
  • Increased framerate

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