Version 0.8 – Multiplayer update

Since strategic RPS has a command based networking protocol, all game states should run identical. Even though the game was set up to do this, some bugs are bound to sneak in while focusing on other parts of the game. I’ve spend the last few weeks on fixing those bugs. Multiplayer game play is now solid as a rock!

Download to try:

strategicrps V0.8.x windows.7z

Change log:

  • Fixed multiplayer sync bugs
  • Solved bug when going into comet
  • Comet attack now hurts

Yet another big update! Version 0.7 – Radar, line of sight and comets!

As announced in my previous post, comets are now added to the game!

Besides comets, there is also radar and line of sight added to the game. If an enemy moves too far away, it will only be visible on the radar. If it moves outside of the radar, it won’t be visible at all (ranges can be seen by pressing ctrl button).

This combined with comets makes for far better strategizing and overall game play.

Download to try:

strategicrps V0.7.x windows

Change log:

  • Added comets
  • Added comet field
  • Added radar
  • Added line of sight
  • Removed engineers and dummy ships