Progress Update – Comets!

It’s been quiet on here for a while, but progress is still being made!

The next update will contain comets. They can be occupied and used in different levels:

  • 1st level of occupation will gain the ability to identify enemy ships passing by.
  • 2nd level of occupation will add a healing radius around the comet, healing friendly ships and the comet itself.
  • 3rd level of occupation will give the comet claws. Depending on what type of ship is used in this level, it has an advantage over other ships.
  • 4th and final level will allow you to maneuver the comet. It won’t go fast, but it can still be used as a very effective battle ship!

Todo on comets:

  • Multiple comets (field)
  • Minor bugfixes

And there you have it, this is what is currently in the pipeline. The addition of comets will hopefully make the game a bit more interesting as more tactics can be used.

As the current build is not bug-free, I only uploaded a preview for now. Enjoy: