• Use scroll wheel to zoom in/out.
  • Use zoom in/out to move the camera.
  • Left mouse button to select unit(s). Hold to create selection box.
  • Right mouse button to move units to a new position. Hold to create formation.
  • Double click to select all units of a certain type


  • T (Toggle): toggle formations
  • R (Rock): Rock ships go to front
  • P (Paper): Paper ships go to front
  • S (Scissors): Scissors ships go to front
  • Q: See selected ship ranges
  • W: Wait. Ships will wait until “W” is pressed again
  • Shift: Queue commands. Use in combination with selection to append a selection.
  • Ctrl + S: Select all ships on the screen
  • Ctrl + A: Select all ships in game
  • Ctrl + Z: Select all ships of the types you already have selected
  • Ctrl + #: Create group
  • #: Select group
  • H/Home: Go back to base
  • I: Rotate screen left
  • O: Rotate screen right
  • L: Restore screen rotation
  • M: Neutral rotation
  • Tab/End: Show overview of the game
  • Ctrl + F#: Save camera position
  • F#: Move camera to saved position